Why Smart Watches are the New Big Thing

During the last few years your smart phones have doubled up as your personal computers. Interestingly, there’s a simple device which is increasingly outsmarting your phones in their own game. Meet smart watches-small screens, tiny batteries, innumerable roles, and futuristically stylish,a gadget that goes beyond timekeeping.Like a smart phone, a smart watch too functions as a computer—a wearable one.




While there’s still time for this commodity to become an everyday part of your lives, let us take a look at why you should look forward to it:


1. Navigation:

Walking around and following directions is easy with a smart watch. Getting around is easier as directions are sent directly to your wrist. Navigation made easy.



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2. Answer Calls:

Most smart watches will allow owners to accept and reject calls on their watches and also activate their phones’ speaker and microphone, when in a conversation. This is really helpful if the user is walking around or driving. Go hands-free!




3. Social Decorum:

Checking your phone to see the time is considered rude. Taking a quick glance at your watch is simpler and totally acceptable. No one would raise an eyebrow!



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4. Battery Life:

Bigger the screen of the device, poorer is its battery life. It’s obvious that the high-resolution display of a smart watch is small, which means that it’s going to have a better battery life!




5. Secure Outlet:

Anyone would be afraid to flash his or her expensive smartphone in a rough public area. However, using a smart watch in front of everyone else islot more discreet and subtle, don’t you think?




6. Stay Fit:

Most smartphones will feature fitness apps such as Strava and Endomondo that will track your running/walking activities. You don’t have to keep a count of your steps anymore.




7. Music:

Since a smart watch will be connected to your phone, listening to music will become much easier. How? If a song you don’t want to listen comes ona playlist, simply hit ‘next’ on your watch. You don’t need to take your phone out of your pocket to make the effort. Similarly, you can pause and control the volume as well!



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Even though not many smart watches have been rolled out in the market yet, they have managed to create quite a buzz, thanks to giants like Apple and Google who’ve been perfecting this technology for a long time. While smartphones have evolved and offer a platter full of new features, smart watches can be expected to change your life in a big way..