Reasons that make OnePlus 7 a game changer

In today’s world where our days start with scrolling past Facebook feeds and end with Instagram stories, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. With this advent of technology, things have been made simpler and life even easier. One tap and you can instantly get access to the latest happenings, make transactions, play games, watch movies and much more. Smartphones have become a need more than a luxury and since the demand for smartphones has skyrocketed, manufacturers are trying to provide users with the latest technology updates at affordable prices. Amidst this fight to strive to be the best, Chinese manufacturers, OnePlus are known for their amazing smartphones with brilliant features that give you an enthralling user experience.

OnePlus recently launched their much awaited flagship product, OnePlus 7 and it has all reasons why you should ditch other smartphones to grab this one instantly. Launched at Rs 32,999 the exhilarating camera, super fast processor and smooth functioning keep the high price out of your sight. Here are a few reasons that make OnePlus 7, a complete game changer:

1. Top Notch Performance :

The new OnePlus 7 is stronger, better and is truly an amalgamation of beauty and the beast. Under the elegant design, the smartphone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and even faster UFS 3.0 storage. Play PUBG or Asphalt or just send messages on WhatsApp without facing any lag. The OnePlus experience is enriched with a refreshing Oxygen OS that makes the animations fast and fluid.


Courtesy:  Amazon
Courtesy: Amazon


2. Open, Shoot & Repeat :

Bright and vivid colours, 48-megapixel Sony IMX586 primary camera paired with the 5-megapixel depth camera and brilliant detailing makes the clicking pictures even more fun on the new OnePlus 7. The front camera is set up with a 16MP camera. Enhanced colour saturation and proper brightness ensures that you do not need any editing and your pictures are naturally beautiful. The OnePlus 7 also has a decent video shooting ability which makes it a essential for people who love clicking and recording.


Courtesy:  Digital Trends
Courtesy: Digital Trends


3. Lasting Battery Backup :

If you’re buying a 30 grand odd smartphone, it better be last! Since the average time spent by a user on their phones has increased drastically, manufacturers have started giving more importance to battery backups. A long and lasting battery backup is what many users desire and owing to the latest technology updates OnePlus has not failed its users at all. Even after a pretty heavy usage throughout the day, a fully charged OnePlus 7 lasts for one and entire day and even half of the next day without charging.


Courtesy: Tech Radar
Courtesy: Tech Radar


4. Delightful Design & Display :

Protected with a Gorilla Glass 5, the 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED helps you with vibrant colours and splendid saturation and along with stereo sound makes viewing videos or movies even more enriching.


Courtesy: Trending Leaks
Courtesy: Trending Leaks


The new OnePlus 7 is a perfect ode to the latest technology updates in the world of smartphones which makes it even more desirable.