Learn These New Hacks to Save Battery and Make Your Phone Last Longer

Doesn’t the “low battery” notification on your phone’s screen seem like a nightmare to you? In fact, this is one issue that smartphone makers haven’t been able to resolve at all! You have no choice but to carry your phone charger or USB cord with you to office or make sure your device is fully charged when you’re going out.

To make life stress-free for the ‘busy you’, here are a few tricks that can easily help you save your phone’s battery:




1. Switch Off Apps:

You may not realize it but every time you switch back to the home screen after using an app, it is still running in the background. This consumes power. The more apps running in the background, the more power your phone consumes. The key is to force stop such apps that don’t need to run all the time.



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2. Control The Brightness:

The brighter the screen, the more battery your phone consumes. Don’t rely on features such as ‘auto-brightness’ as they will only make things worse for your phone. Instead, control the brightness manually. After all, you know how much light hurts your eyes!



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3. Switch Off Mobile Internet:

If you don’t need to use the internet on your phone, switch data off. If you’re connected to Wi-Fi, switch data off! This is the easiest way to conserve the battery of your phone in a situation when the power is low and you don’t have a source to charge it!



4. Update Your Apps Often But Only With Wi-Fi:

Most applications get updates every month. This means that they get optimized to give better performance using minimum power. So update your apps whenever the notification comes. But do so only with Wi-Fi as it is faster that way!



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5. Don’t Use The Phone While Charging:

In case you do, that is only going to exhaust the phone’s battery sooner than later and shorten itslife. Did you know that a battery has only a limited number of charge cycles after which it must be replaced? So the next time you are charging your phone, let it complete its charge cycle.



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Even though smartphones with new and innovative features come out every other day, none of them seem to be able to resolve our battery woes. Therefore, the hacks we’ve shared above will come in handy for making your phone’s battery last longer, till the time a smartphone with a smart battery comes into the market.