Future Technologies that we must be excited about

Technology has evolved over the past few years. All innovations and transformations have revolutionized the digital world we live in. It’s just the beginning of a technological era and there is still a long way to go. In the future, we could live life straight out of a sci-fi movie. There are a number of new technologies that have shaped over the time. Let’s find out more about them.



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1. A pen is mightier than sword:

Ever imagined a pen that could read your thoughts and note down details accurately without any grammatical errors? Such a pen will revolutionize the world and efforts of typing or writing will be reduced to bare minimum. It will be easier to document thoughts.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest
Image Courtesy: Pinterest


2. Locomotive Robots:

In the emerging scenario, where most of the things are automated, what if cars too are automated. Yes, you heard it right. We are talking about autonomous and self- driven cars. Such cars will not require any chauffeur. An invention like this will give a complete makeover to the automobile industry.



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3. Multi-Purpose Drones:

You must have seen a drone at a high profile wedding. What if we can carry one while travelling to capture scenic beauty at high altitudes? It would be like magic!


Image Courtesy: denkorteavis
Image Courtesy: denkorteavis


4. Computers that lessen the use of mouse:

What if a computer functions on the basis of eye movement? The computer captures the retina movement and performs functions accordingly. For instance, if one is reading an e-book and has problem understanding any term, all he has to do is just look twice at the word with glaring eye and the meaning will drop in. It will make reading experience so much easier.


Image Courtesy: Amazon news
Image Courtesy: Amazon news

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We have covered a few upcoming technologies. However, it is just the beginning and there is no end to such evolutions. Who knows what the future holds! But it sure looks bright and exciting on the technology front!