4 Things Unimaginable Without A Cell-Phone

Life without cell-phones is unimaginable. This is not a statement but reality for many, many people. Chances are you are one of them too. In this digital age, we all have become so dependent on phones that losing them feels like losing a part of the body. But, wait a second. Is this entirely true?




Nope. Not at all!

Everyone finds a way to live without technology. Still feeling weird about not using a cell-phone? We know what’s exactly running in your mind:


1. How Will You Contact People?:

You, along with millions of people, use a cell-phone to talk to, message and Face-Time with your family and friends. Yes, a cell-phone lets you get in touch with anyone instantly! It’s an asset for you. But without a cell-phone, you can still know how your loved ones are doing.

Write a letter yup. It’s a long forgotten art, but writing to people you care for instils depth to the relationship. Try doing it sometime.



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2. How Will You Look Into Your Office Emails?:

Like most Indians, you are also a workaholic, right? Well, checking your inbox via phone every now and then is a habit you have carefully mastered over the last several years. Don’t be proud of it. Obsessing over your office work all the time is a sickening disease.

So it will be fine if you don’t have to look into your phone all the time. Also, those extra minutes left in your hands will encourage you to spend more time with others or even best, with yourself.




3. How Will You Deal With Awkward Situations?:

Cell-phones have been handy in various awkward situations lifts, boring get-togethers, weird blind dates, frustrating family functions, etc. So how do you plan to deal in such scenarios sans your phone? Simple: By actually breaking the walls of awkwardness. Earlier you had the choice of hiding behind your phone, but not anymore.

Turn your confident mode back on and meet people with a genuine smile on your face. Your phone is not here to act as an invisible cloak for you. Be seen. Be heard. Connect with people on the ground level.



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4. How Will You Stay Away From All Social Media Apps?:

Really, staying away from your cell-phone is an excellent idea because this way, you will stop snooping around other people’s lives. Focus on yourself. Introspect your life. Forget others for some time.




Yes, you often thank God for all the technological benefits you tend to avail. But with all that, life isn’t so bad either. Give up your cell-phone for some time and see the magic happen!