Why you should visit Kerala in off-season

Kerala is known as God’s own country, and it befits this given name. Kerala can be visited during any time of the year and yet be called as beautiful as the rest of the other months. But, it is always good to visit Kerala during off-season for the following reasons

Why you should visit Kerala in off-season (2)

1. Lesser tourists :

The only thing annoying for travellers is too many tourists. Imagine going to a place thinking you’ll experience a calm atmosphere, only to find it brimming with people who only talk loudly and click photos. Off-season months are probably the best time to visit Kerala if you want to go while the crowd is less.


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2. Ayurveda treatments :

These services are best enjoyed in peace and at a time, less-crowded. Thus, off-season travel to Kerala is perfect, in case you are looking forward to getting the best of such services and treatments, as the crowd will be less during this period, and you’ll be given higher priority and service. Rejuvenate with their ayurvedic massages in peace.

Ayurveda treatments

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3. Hills of Kerala :

The hills of Kerala are a magical experience, and whoever has visited, will agree with the same. Matupetty is a hill station, which is perched at the height of 1700 meters and is a blissful experience, one that you shouldn’t miss.

Hills of Kerala

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4. Off-season discounts :

Each one of us loves getting discounts no matter how much we deny it. If you plan an off-season trip to Kerala, you will surely receive some discounts on your stay, tickets, etc. During the peak season, the beaches and hill stations of Kerala are swarming with tourists. That’s why we recommend you admire the real beauty of the destination during the off-season when you can enjoy the pristine beauty minus the rush. Not just that, you can also opt for activities and things to do in Kerala at reduced rates.

Off-season discounts

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So, what are you waiting for? Instead of staying closeted in your home, plan a trip to Kerala during off-season!