Why you should ditch Goa for Gokarna

For every Indian tourist Goa is the national vacation spot. If you say you haven’t been to Goa, you’ll be glared with contempt and disbelief! But, but, but! The recent transformation of tourists into travelers has made people widen their horizons and look for better vacation spots. And the rising star of today’s bucket list is Gokarna. So let’s find out why you should choose Gokarna over Goa this season.


Why you should ditch Goa for Gokarna

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1. It’s time for some self-exploration:

Aren’t you bored of the endless parties by the shacks? It’s finally time to give your eardrums some rest and try a calm, serene beach in Gokarna. Basking in the sun, drinking wine while savoring the beach sunset, a yoga session in the morning or may be a long walk with your lady along the coastline- Gokarna is a real Pandora’s box!


It’s time for some self-exploration

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2. Treat your palate with scrumptious local delicacies:

You can pig out Chinese, Italian, Continental and various other cuisines in any part of the globe, even Goa. But the local sea food delicacies of Gokarna are reserved for this serene beach spot. Try Bangda at Surya’s Café or a Tuna Sandwich at Namaste.


Treat your palate with scrumptious local delicacies


3. Switch from Casino Cruises to Catamaran Rides:

Enough of splurging on gamble! Move your focus from Roulette to Fishing and try some beach hopping on the authentic boats.


Switch from Casino Cruises to Catamaran Rides


4. Party around a Bonfire after Sunset:

Gokarna has a multifaceted personality. Instead of a cliché moon party at the beach, it offers you an offbeat nightlife experience with a bonfire, guitar, the sound of waves and your friends!


Party around a Bonfire after Sunset

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Goa is to holiday, like Gokarna is to live. Follow the latest trends and plan a meaningful, self-introspective sojourn to Gokarna.