Why Women Love a Well-Mannered Man More Than A Well-Dressed Man

A well-dressed man is definitely attractive and it’s the first thing women notice when they meet someone new. But it’s just one thing about men that initially attracts a woman. Your fashion and style is important but your manners are even more so. In the long run, a woman will focus much more on how a guy treats her than if he’s following the latest trends in menswear or not. Here is why women love a well-mannered man more than a well-dressed man:




1. It Shows That Men Care:

When a man is respectful and manner-full towards a woman it shows that he cares and treats women with respect overall. Small things like opening doors and pulling chairs go a long way in being chivalrous and showing that you are a well-mannered guy.



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2. It Gives a Good Impression On Others:

When other people meet a couple and they can see that the man is well mannered towards women then it leaves a very good impression. Being considerate towards women is a trait that all men should have and work towards.



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3. It’s Attractive:

Women are automatically more attracted to a well-mannered man as opposed to one who is not. Simple chivalrous acts add to the personality of a gentleman and make him seem attractive as someone to keep around.



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4. It’s More Important than Appearance:

How a man looks is definitely important but how a man behaves is much more so. Looks and a classic fashion sense can only take you so far when it comes to impressing a woman. Eventually manners and behaviour is what wins over hearts.



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But what’s that one condition when it is confirmed that your clothes will help you score brownie point with women? When you wear respect for women on your sleeves, or rather your t-shirt. The way men who participated in the He Respect T shirt campaign did. Their selfies showing them dressed in Tshirt of Respect were instant viral hit, especially among women. To know more about the T shirt campaign, read here.