Why we need to revive hockey?

Our national sport, Hockey is the most underrated sport in the country. Until the late 1970s, it was an extremely popular sport in India but post that epoch people started following cricket. But, it’s high time that we revive hockey in the country and this needs to be done by none other than the ‘Future of the nation’. Revival of hockey is legitimate not only because it’s the national sport of the country, but because it comes with its own set of benefits. Scroll down and enlighten yourself:

Why we need to revive hockey

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1. Improves cardiovascular health :

Be it ice or field, Hockey is a great form of cardiovascular exercise. Googling ‘How to lose weight’? No need to because we just provided you with a formula to lose weight. The vigorous movements involved in hockey aids in losing weight by burning heaps of calories and boosting the metabolism. So, start training in hockey today itself.

Improves coordination and balance

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2. Enhances muscular strength :

Both ice hockey and field hockey offer great strength-training workout. It enhances the muscular strength of the player and especially of core and leg muscles. Also, it improves the athletic performance of the player. Are you searching for exercises for men to build a stronger body? If yes, then start playing hockey right away!

Enhances muscular strength

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3. Improves coordination and balance :

Hockey is all about agility, reflexes and speed. Be it ice hockey or field hockey, a player needs to be super-quick and respond accurately to bring home the bacon. In this process, the player’s sense of balance improves drastically.

Improves coordination and balance


4. Boosts brain :

Are you feeling depressed or anxious? Put on your jogging shoes or gear up for some gym workout for men because any form of physical activity helps us release the anxiety and depression. So does hockey. But hockey demands decisiveness; honing skills on either ice rink or field rink can transform our lives for the good.

Boosts brain

Everybody should be associated with at least one sport for their entire lifetime. But, being a national sport, it’s high time we recover the game of hockey.