Why Virat Kohli Should Be Every Guy’s Fitness Guru

Cricket star, party animal, fashion icon and trendsetter: This is how 27-year-old Virat Kohli is known among his followers and critics alike! It’s true that Kohli, in his short career, has garnered much attention, for both right and wrong reasons.


Image Courtesy: www.gqindia.com
Image Courtesy: www.gqindia.com


A facet of his personality that is often in spotlight is his fit body. If you are also looking at building a robust frame and eating healthy, seek some inspiration from the “most loved bad boy of Indian cricket” himself:


1. “You Are What You Eat”:

Kohli is known to emphasize on indulging in fresh home-cooked meals. His diet plan includes sufficient intake of fish and lamb chops. Full of proteins, these two dishes help in building muscle blocks in our body.


Image Courtesy: www.static.indianexpress.com
Image Courtesy: www.static.indianexpress.com

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2. Drink Lots of Water:

Perhaps no diet for men or women is complete without the mention of water. Keeping oneself hydrated is important for a healthier well-being. It helps in digestion, removal of toxins and improves mental health. It’s a good way of detoxifying oneself.




3. Eat Organic:

Kohli advocates this vigorously and is often seen munching organic wheat crackers over fried chips. He is also against any kind of junk food that might increase cholesterol and increase weight.



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4. Start Hitting the Gym:

Kohli does it five days a week. Yes, that makes him a gym freak!Well, strenuous form of physical training is important for him, given that he is a sportsperson and has to spend hours on the field under the sun! If you’re a beginner, start going thrice a week for half hour. Hop on the treadmill and perform some light-weight exercises.


Image Courtesy: www.i.cricketcb.com
Image Courtesy: www.i.cricketcb.com

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5. Get Serious with Weights:

When you get a hang of the gym, do a combination of cardio and weights. For fast results, perform core exercises like these. These exercises will assist you in developing muscles and a leaner frame.




Therefore, if you want better focus, improved immunity and more energy—do it like Kohli. It’s his strict diet and physical regime that allows him to show impressive moves on the field. Build an impressive stamina like him!