Why South East Asia is becoming Favourite among Honeymooners

It is being observed off late that honeymooners do not look any further and settle for a destination in South East Asia as their honeymoon destination. What may be the reason behind this? The countries in this region are so beautiful and culturally rich that nobody seems to be able to look beyond them. Let us explore some popular South East Asian honeymoon destinations and reasons why they are so immensely admired.



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1. Vietnam:

Sapa in Northern Vietman is another South East Asian location that is widely chosen by the honeymoon couples. If you come to this destination, the colorful life of the indigenous population, fields sewn with fertile orchid plantations, series of tranquil mountains and alpine rice terraces will captivate you. Thus, you can conclude that scenic splendor and local culture of the indigenous people are the factors that attract honeymooners to this place.



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2. Thailand:

Another South East Asian touring destination that is considered as ultimate choice of honeymooners is Thailand. Two regions in this place which are frequented by just married couples are Phuket and Krabi. The exotic natural beauty and pristine ambience of these two destinations of Thailand are the key aspects behind the popularity of this South East Asian destination. However, many sporting options are also there as driving factors behind widespread admiration of these regions.




3. Indonesia:

Indonesia is a beautiful country in the Indian Ocean. A very important thing about Indonesia is the connection of its cultural roots with India, dating as old as 1500 years. It has got beautiful beaches and ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples. The most beautiful place in Indonesia is Bali. Bali is an Indonesian island with almost 80% Hindu population. It is the most beautiful part of Indonesia, in terms of culture, natural beauty, and archaeology. Its beautiful beaches leave couples mesmerize and are perfect getaways to simmer post marriage romance for honeymooners and newly-weds.



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These three countries definitely make South East Asia a perfect destination for honeymoon, and are the reason for so many newly married couples are choosing them for honeymoon. If you have not planned your honeymoon itinerary yet, these South East Asian destinations will certainly appeal to your mind. So, select a destination and start packing your bags.