Why Bali is a favorite honeymoon destination among Indian newlyweds

Part of the world’s largest island nation, Indonesia, Bali is a tropical paradise. Coral reefs, an active volcano, and beautiful beaches make it the most relaxing spot for newlyweds. (It’s India’s very own Goa, just in Indonesia!)

Why Bali is a favorite honeymoon destination among Indian newlyweds


1. Romantic :

The honeymoon is a time of romance and Indian couples, quite a few who have arranged marriages, get to know their partner only on their honeymoon. Endless beaches, candlelight dinners and long walks watching the sunset make it quite a spot for newly wed to make memorable moments of their own. Bali also has endless hotels that offer stunning villas and spa rooms to escape from the world at unbeatable prices.


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2. Food lover’s paradise :

Indian’s love good food, and Bali will take you on its very own culinary experience. Apart from its own unique cuisine, Bali has an array of other cuisines that range from roadside stalls to Michelin star restaurants! Food in Bali is value for money and a treat for your taste buds.

Food lover's paradise

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3. Visa on Arrival :

All the major airlines have flights to Bali and the visa on arrival policy makes it a more attractive destination. Indians love their comfort, so we love places that require us to make the least effort! Flights, accommodation, and food in Bali on an average are very economical, which is its USP.

Visa on Arrival

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4. Beautiful and Safe :

Bali is breathtakingly beautiful and exotic. Full of natural beauty and colorful culture, Bali is beyond gorgeous. When you are not holidaying in your country, you think twice about venturing out at late hours, but not in Bali. Bali is a fairly safe destination, which makes it more comfortable to explore.

Beautiful and Safe

Beyond these, Bali has amazing local boutiques for shopping, water sports for the adventure freaks and luxurious locations for the romantics. There is something for everyone in Bali catering to all budgets, which pushes it to the top of one’s honeymoon list.