What Is The Most Useless Talent To Learn?

There is nothing called ‘useless’ in our lives, every moment we learn and unlearn, we keep on growing. The time spent uselessly and the learning time while acquiring a skill, is also important than actually working on the task! It is the actions, thoughts and feelings generated by us during or before the learning time that makes us, teaches us or makes our personality than actually practising the talent in a future time.



Let’s take an example, you decide to learn a foreign language, while you are learning it you are facing lot of difficulties while trying to remember, trying to grasp, trying to write and trying to understand, but after let’s say year or two you become somewhat fluent in understanding and conversing with your teacher or peers. The whole journey from 0 to 7, is a momentous occasion because the learning journey made your mind sharper, and tuned to the other type of difficulties that you may face later, it developed your ability to stand up after the successive failures. Now the question whether or not you actually use the foreign language in your future life becomes irrelevant.



If you once learn how to shed your weight by doing regular exercise for men or following diet chart for men, then it is more likely that you can also implement, teach this ‘skill of unlearning’ to shed any addiction to others for any other habit. There will always be an endless list of ‘to-do-list’ to complete and ‘priority work’ to do, and in this social media culture of relentless productivity you are expected to get to it right away and feel terribly guilty about any time wasted. But the fact is, a life spent dutifully responding to emails is a dull one indeed! And so-called “wasted” time is, in fact, highly fulfilling and necessary! The idea that we must always be available, work, learn and imbibe skills, talents all the time is a complete contradiction.



Once you are tuned to the learning a talent, it is hard to break out of that! The downsides are so obvious: We end up facing the computer—looking for trending on social media, patting ourselves on our “multitasking” while we spend far longer time on the most elementary tasks.



Remember we are missing out on the mental and physical benefits of time spent focused on ourselves. Do not eat at the desk and get food on the computer instead go for a walk, to the coffee shop, just get away, remember even our ancestors who were primarily farmers had some kind of rest breaks! So-called ‘wasted time’ is about recharging your battery and de-cluttering.