What does it take to win the He LOIM Contest

It’s time to gear up for the League of Interesting Men 2016! Participate in exciting, fun activities to prove your mettle and win the latest in the Apple series, the iPhone 7. We are looking for interesting men in 7 different categories – traveller, riddler, lover, story-teller, groomed, chiller and gentleman. Pick your type and register for the activities specific to the chosen category.

Let’s shed some light on the various activities in each of these categories.


1. Traveller:

If you are a nomad and travelling is your lifeblood, send us an interesting travel picture of yours that leaves us stunned. The more amusing the picture, the more points you earn and higher are your chances of winning the LOIM contest.



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2. Riddler:

If you are obsessed with solving riddles, then go ahead and participate in the Riddler activity. All you have to do solve riddles faster than your counterparts; the quicker you solve the riddles, the more points you earn.




3. Lover:

If you consider yourself the most romantic man on the planet earth, just write out your fairy-tale version of an interesting date with you soul mate to participate in the LOIM – Lover category.




4. Story Teller:

For all the story-tellers out there, share 5 most interesting SnapChat stories with us that promise to entertain us and you will be on your way to win the storyteller title.




5. Groomed:

Biased as it may be, but the wheel of fortune is tilted towards the well groomed man. Exploit this opportunity and share your 5 best groomed images to prove that you are indeed the most well-groomed man. You can earn double the points in this activity!



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6. Chiller:

Here’s another activity that can help you earn double the points. Just flip a bottle in the coolest possible way and we will reward you with brownie points.




7. Gentleman:

If you are one of those true gentlemen, then share a video that depict you respect women and you can stand a chance to win the Gentleman title. Make sure that the video ends with the line “Asli Men Respect Women”.



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Show us that you are the most interesting man by participating in these thrilling activities and you can win awesome prizes like the iPhone 7, Amazon gift cards worth Rs.5000 and HE Respect T-Shirts.