Type of music people play in their cars

Music has the ability to instantly fix our mood by altering our subconscious mind where all the pesky negative thoughts reside. Listening to music is inexpensive, calming and available almost anywhere.



As a child of the early 1990s, my experience with music was in my dad’s wood-paneled sedan. Dusty cassette tapes and CDs are thrown into the mix, along with the occasional blasts from the oldies FM station.


1. Hard Rock and Hip Hop:

Morning is when you need the energy and power to get through the day. Songs with heavy bass produce a surge of power and confidence, mostly played by the younger generations aged between 19 to 30 years.



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2. Jazz:

Well not all of us are born with the mind of Stephen Hawkins, so we need that extra dopamine to pump up our productivity. A lot of people love listening to jazz in the morning as it calms the mind and helps improve your mood while they head to a meeting or long day at work.



3. Crummy day:

Having a crummy day, it’s okay to wallow a bit. For those sentimental little peeps, sad music is actually healthy too, because it helps aid negative thoughts. They feel Adele’s pain and there is no shame in that.




4. Trance and techno:

Heading to a party and need to get into the groove, it’s a people’s favorite: trance. The beats and tempo bring energy and happy vibes that help people to gear up for a gig or party.



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5. Bollywood Hits:

Well if you live in India, it doesn’t matter how hard you try Bollywood and romantic songs have to be a part of your playlist. Car-aoke is a common habit of singing along to songs because you have to admit Hindi songs are super fun and catchy.



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One can never stick to a single genre and our curiosity continuously leads us to discover new bands and artists. Music is an interesting blend of complex and relaxing emotions that one person can have multiple choices through the day!