Top 5 upcoming electric vehicles in india

It is time to gear up for the new trends, not just the latest fashion for men in India but also the latest hairstyles for men in India and the latest electric vehicles that are about to enter on Indian roads. We take you through the 5 upcoming most awaited electric vehicles that are ready to be launched between 2018 to 2020 on Indian Roads.


1. German luxury carmaker Audi is ready to introduce first-of-its-kind electric vehicles in the Indian market. According to reports, the company is closely watching governments roadmap on an improvement of the existing infrastructure for driving Electric Vehicles (EVs) on Indian roads. Audi’s latest addition of all new Q5 SUV at starting price of ₹ 57.25 lakh has further enhanced the expectations from this automobile juggernaut.




2. Tata Motors is also not far behind as it the much-acclaimed ‘people’s car’ has got a new reincarnation through the power of electricity, the Tata Neo, the electrified version of the Nano is expected to launch soon. The Indian automaker is planning to enter the electric taxi segment to compete against Mahindra e2o. The car is expected to come in two versions, the taxi version (48V motor) and passenger version (72V), with a significant difference in price, compared to Mahindra e2o, which is considered costly according to various parameters. Tata Motors had earlier showcased the Nano EV concept at the Geneva Motor Show and had promised a driving range of 160km per charge!




3. Nissan is planning to introduce Note e-Power, an electrically driven hatchback that will get the battery charged using a small 1,198cc petrol engine rather than a fixed charging socket! According to available reports, the gives a mileage of almost 40kpl and the performance is capable of a 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine car.




4. Toyota and Suzuki has also entered in a JV to bring out and manufacture electric cars in India. According to reports, these electric vehicles are planned to be built at Suzuki facilities under the direct technical guidance from Toyota, one of the world’s leading alternate-fuel carmaker. The development of the car is in the initial phase and the details of the various components including the electric motor are currently underway. You can easily expect this mini Toyota EV to be launched by the year 2020.