Top 5 Sites That Pay Cash For Your Photos

Hold on to your selfies and extra-ordinary shots that you have taken showcasing the mens latest fashion and the new hairstyle for mens in India, as you can easily sell those photos and earn for your dexterity and passion.

1.iStock Photo – iStock Photo :

iStock Photo – iStock Photo is one of the great places for the beginners especially if you are just starting out on the journey to sell your stock photos. The popular forums and resources on the site will surely guide you to get the standard royalty payout at only 15% per download, can also increase to 45% depending on the attractiveness of your pics. You can also sell the pics exclusively on iStock Photo, the site will offer you 22-45% royalty with terms and conditions.




2. Shutterstock:

Shutterstock has paid out over $500 million to its contributors, you can have the copyright and also earn up to 30% of the sale price of the pics largely depending on the size of your image. It varies between $0.25 and $28 per sale.




3. Alamy:

Alamy has over 80 million images and videos for sale on its website as the site offers photographers a huge 50% royalty payment on each photo sold! You can also sell the pics elsewhere, no exclusivity. Alamy is claimed to have become the world’s largest marketplace for stock photos.




4. Photoshelter:

A good idea is to sell your photos on your own site through PhotoShelter – it is a photography-oriented e-commerce platform that you can integrate within your own website. You will be able to store your pics on cloud, build an interface, work on SEO and integrate with social media. Try out other alternatives such as Fotomoto and Pixpa.




5. 500px Prime :

It is claimed that five million photographers list their pictures on 500px, and they pay 70% net for every license sold! The best part is that the selected images may also appear in ad campaigns if it is submitted under commercial licensing. You should give it a try, so it is recommended to first sign up for free account and only then submit your pics. It is also suggested to fill up the forms for each image and carefully read terms and conditions especially relating to exclusive or non-exclusive license agreement.