Top 5 Reasons To Visit Ladakh In Winters

We could not cease from exploration, and end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” T.S.Eliot

A journey of thousand miles begins with a small step. Ladakh is a traveler’s paradise, winters or summers you will find reasons for your decision. You will find this popular destination flooded with International visitors hiking in the latest mens fashion trends. You will find peace, tranquility and freshness spread across flora and fauna in ever patch of Ladakh. Contrary to popular belief Ladakh in winter we give you host of reasons to visit despite the sub zero temperature, so pack up your bags with winter, trekking outfits that are the mens new fashion trends!

1. Once you land in Ladakh, make it a point to visit the famous ‘Chadar Trek’ that will give you a unique experience of walking on a frozen river. Spend your time meditating in close proximity to almighty or just share your experience with similar frenzy tourist crowds!

Once you land in Ladakh

2. Spend next few days in Khardungla or Pangong, breath taking views that you have never seen before. You will find the majestic beauty of frozen Pangong lake in its full form. You can also plan to spend your time at Nubra Valley, the valley of sheer ice in its fiercest form!


Spend next few days in Khardungla


3.Watch a game of Ice Hockey :

You will find mix of International players practicing the game of hockey on the snowy sheet of ice! Enjoy noodles, with hot soup or beverage as you watch the match being played in the sunny mornings.


Watch a game of Ice Hockey


4. Meals with Monks :

Thanks to hospitality of locals, you will find all types of food available for travelers. Pray in the winter with the locals, monks at the Buddhists Temples and play with the joyous children near the flowing river. Visit a few stupas like Shanti Stupa, to experience the power of prayers in the daily invocation and recitation of mantras by monks. Wake up early to see the sunrise as, markets start getting shut as early as 4’o clock in the evening.


Meals with Monks


5. Trekker & Photographer’s Paradise :

You can spend all day taking pictures of the environment around. With frozen lake, frozen river, frozen waterfall, wilted trees, clear blue sky, snow covered mountains, Ladakh just looks like a perfect backdrop of a fairy tale. The unmatched beauty of Zanskar valley and the unique experience of walking, running and skating on the frozen Zanskar river make the trek one of the sought after treks in India. This is also considered to be one of the most difficult and demanding treks due to its harsh condition.


Trekker & Photographer’s Paradise