Top 5 Destinations For Perfect New Year Bash

The best time of the year is here, you have to unwind yourself from the chores of the year and make the right moves for the party in the night! Yes, new year is the best time for a full-day party – you need to be stylishly dresses adoring the new fashion style for men. We take a look at the best 5 destinations for men-on-the-go, zip up your bags, fill them up with mens latest fashion casualwear and fly away!


1. New York City :

Go straight on the night to Times Square, the most original recommendation for new year As the party begins you won’t be able to stop mingling with the crowd and getting rhythmic with the ambiance and the vitality around especially with the huge festive billboards. Go to your Hotels’ lounge that will serves great Manhattan, Mojito and Martinis, three M’s that are vital for any New Year in the big apple.


New York City


2. London :

The second most happening city on New Year will offer you all kinds of pleasures as you will find your hours of stay is far less than your willingness to stay in tuned to the party. Whatever the case, do watch the fireworks on the Thames, and enjoy the meals and party at any good hotels for a whole load of razzle-dazzle: black-tie dinners accompanied by regimental marching bands, lone pipers and the astonishing views of fireworks displays in the restaurants; while cocktails and Champagne will be flowing through the bar.




3. Berlin :

If you are a food connoisseur, take to Berlin to enjoy the annual pancake race, Berliner Silvesterlauf. Runners in fancy dress , you then need to follow various routs of two, four, six, 10 or 15 kilometres from the arty Grunewald neighborhood, flipping pancakes all the way! By the evening, you ought to mingle in the Berlin’s biggest party at Brandenburg Gate, choose Teufelsberg and Viktoria park to watch the fireworks.




4. Hong Kong :

Watch the count down in the fiery Hong Kong, over the Victoria Harbour from a traditional junk, along the shoreline or from rooftop bars. Head to The Ritz-Carlton, having the the highest bar in the world, after At.Mosphere in Burj Khalifa. or else.


Hong Kong


5. Goa :

The very Indian International Style of enjoying new year especially with your loved ones. It will be hard to beat dancing on the beach, with the sand between your toes and fairy lights strung on every palm tree, sequined sari skirts twirling under the stars. And New Year’s Eve is the best time of year to party in Goa, with fireworks and celebrations all along the coast of India’s good-time state.