Top 5 Chefs In India, You Should Know

It is just not the famous Indian fashion designers whose mens new fashion trends have put India on the global map, welcome to the culinary map of the world where latest hairstyles for men in India has little relevance and the just the taste of the tongue rules. We take you through the journey of this world and will introduce you to the knights of the kitchen, whose delicacies have established India on the global taste buds. These chefs over the years have blended eastern and western tastes to bring out the dishes with global audience.

1.Vikas Khanna :

Once voted as the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People Magazine (2011), is an award-winning Michelin star who started from his preparations from his grandmother’s kitchen in Amritsar, Punjab, India. This global Indian as not only got culinary lessons from the best chefs around the world, such as Bobbu Flay and Gordon Ramsey but also had the privilege to host former US President Barack Obama at his restaurant ‘Junoon’ in New York.




2. Atul Kochhar :

The well-known Indian chef who is known for promoting organic products right from fish to spices and vegetables, Atul was the first Indian chef to win a Michelin star, today he owns popular restaurants in the west namely Benares in London, Ananda in Ireland and Vatika in Southhampton.




3. Sanjeev Kapoor :

The most famous Indian global chef who is one of the best known in India from his TV Show ‘Khana Khazana’ is perhaps the undisputed leader in India. He is in news for all the culinary events in India that attract foreign gourmet and tourists right from recent ‘Khichdi Celebrations’ to largest imarti and jalebi, theIndian sweetmeats that holds the world record.




4. Hari Nayak :

The global restaurateur, author who started from the Culinary Institute of America abd has popularized Indian Cooking in United States. He is known to introduce, blend and use authentic Indian flavors easily using the ethnic Indian ways of cooking. In his books such as ‘Modern Indian Cooking’ and ‘My Indian Kitchen’, ‘Easy Indian Cooking’ he describes authentic ways of preparing exotic Indian dishes easily.




5. Sudhakar N Rao :

The lesser-known culinary legends in India who has brought Culinary as a mainstream Profession in India. He piloted India’s first exclusive culinary academy, and has mentored innumerable students who have made Indian dishes hugely popular around the world.