Top 4 Winners For ‘Golden Glove’ Award In Fifa 2018

Golden Glove is one of the most coveted awards for the goal-keepers in the game of soccer, taking a pause from the current fashion trends for men and new male fashion trends let us look into the history and the reasons why this time the award has been given to Belgium’ Thibaut Courtois.

1. World’s best goalkeepers have won this award in the past including Germany’s Manuel Neuer in 2014, Spain’s Iker Casillas in 2010, Italy’s Gianluigi Buffon in 200, Germany’s Oliver Kahn in 2002, France’s Fabien Barthez in 1998, and Belgium’s Michel Preud’Homme, in 1994.



2. Belgium goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois had helped his national team to secure the third place in the FIFA World Cup 2018 by beating the favorites England in the semi-finals. This famous Chelsea keeper although conceded to six goals in Russia but had a large contribution in decisive saves for the national team. His first countrymen to receive this prestigious award was Michel Prudhomme way back in 1994 World Cup in the United States.



3. The role of Thibaut Courtois in the knockout stage is particularly laudable as during this stage Belgium met the toughest competitors. Interestingly, Thibaut Courtois turned off his TV in the 94th minute, before the end of the World Cup final as he was not interested to see French players celebrating, in his own words “”I turned off my TV in the 94th minute so as not to see the French celebrating their title…. but when my friends told me the news, I again switched it on”.



4. This 26-year-old Chelsea goalkeeper is possibly looking forward to returning to Madrid. Chelsea had signed him from Genk but he is really known for his stint at Atletico Madrid. According to news reports, Thibaut Courtois might ask for bigger contract deal with Chelsea, especially after winning the Golden Glove. He was recently quoted saying “I will be coming back, for sure, and I will see what they want and how they say it. obviously, with this World Cup, I think what was on the table obviously is different than what I can have, maybe”