Top 3 Most Costly Addictions In Life

Addictions are psychological and behavioral. Typical addiction is characterized by craving, compulsion, an inability to stop using the substance or an activity. Taking a pause from the latest fashion for men and men new style let us look into the 3 most costly addictions in anyone’s lifetime.


1. Food :

One of the most common addictions that are widespread not only amongst millennial youth but also kids. We are living in an age where everything is available at a click, most exotic pizzas to mouth-watering cuisines in the world at your desk anytime, anywhere. Not only this, we are also continuously bombarded with online offline advertisements that depict “eating” as a favorite pastime! You end up getting influenced and ordering something to “enjoy” the moment by having food. The only thing you don’t think about are the ill effects of eating everything and everything that looks appealing. No doubt you land up either in a gym or a hospital for treatment.




2. Pornography :

What starts with a fun movie on cable or the click of the mouse that you initially thought was absolutely fine soon becomes impulsive and uncontrollable. This epidemic has benefitted only the people who are making wealth out of every move. All those who started the game once, are never able to stop because they become a slave to the fantasy dreams and desires. This is one of the costliest addictions as this not only completely ruin your relationships but also make you apologetic and unfocused in life. Remember watching pornography you are not only advocating human trafficking but also showing you apathy towards men and women who spoil their life with drug abuse.




3. Drugs :

Drug addictions not only cost your health but also your pocket. Men who consume drug substances like Alcohol, Tobacco, Opioids (like heroin), Prescription drugs (sedatives, hypnotics, or anxiolytics like sleeping pills and tranquilizers), Cocaine, Cannabis (marijuana), or Hallucinogens often go through a period where they deny their addiction symptoms. The drug abuse often starts with “enjoyment” with a cocktail on Friday after work but it soon becomes so addictive that they feel compelled to get a drink – no matter what.