A Thumbs Up To the Multi-Functional Gerber Dime

Blades, scissors, tweezers, knife, wire cutters, bottle openers; you never know when you need any of these. All men out there love to work with these tools and always believe they can fix anything with these tools at their disposal. A Gerber Dime Micro Tool has all of the above and many more components which make it a just perfect for men on the move who like to keep a control on the basic utilities and gadgets surrounding them. Like every other tool this one too has its pros and cons and we have listed them for you right here:-

Sleek and Portable:

The dime is super sleek in spite of having 10 awesome components. It’s about 4.5 inch long when completely open and about 2.75 inches when closed. It weighs only 2.2oz which makes it light and pocket friendly.




It has Awesome Tools:

Whether you need a fine edged blade, a knife, tweezers, wire cutters or a bottle opener, this portable dime has it all. A flathead and a crosshead driver, a self-opening scissors and pliers are some of the other components that are a part of this device.

Looks and Feels Fabulous:

The Gerber Dime dressed in Red or Black looks like a very cool device. It’s easy to carry around and can be useful for various things. In short it is a very attractive looking keychain like tool that you will not forget to carry out while moving out.

One Man Show:

If you guys thought that the tool is helpful when it is open, check it out when closed. The awesome bottle opener is on the outside and can be a life saver in many situations. Opening those beer and wine bottles on the spot will make your life very easy and you won’t have to s separate one in stock.




A Quick Fix:

The tool can surprise you with its usefulness. Now cutting a few loose wires, opening a cardboard box, ripping apart tight packages will be super simple. The blades are sharp but more than safe. This multi-functional micro dime will save you the need to depend on any other tool.




Tiny Drawbacks:

Like every other thing this awesome gadget has a few minus points too. The paint starts too peel off soon but the tools functionality makes up for it. The pliers can be a little brittle and it’s not very useful for fixing bigger gadgets such as your car.

Overall this trendy tool can be rated as high as 9 out of 10. It does not cost much and can be labelled as man’s best friend. Impress the girls or snap off the loose wires, the tool will be there for you.