Things That Will Make Sure Women Find You Irresistible

Let’s face it: Every man wants the opposite sex to find him a supremely irresistible being! There’s nothing wrong with it. The thought is highly motivating and certainly gives the good old ego a massive boost!




In order to attract women, most men attempt to make changes that are rather superficial. They focus on their looks, clothes, shoes, car and their job. That’s not impressive, you know. Truth is the dating world is evolving.

Since women are so independent themselves, materialism doesn’t attract them anymore. So what do they want? Check out five qualities they find most irresistible in a man right here:


1. Be Attentive:

Make an effort to be attentive to the woman you are trying to woo. Don’t buy her expensive gifts. Instead say something like: “I was just thinking about you” or “I really like hearing your voice over the phone”. Let her know that she is in your thoughts. This will make instantly melt her heart.



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2. Be Confident:

Don’t come across as someone who is insecure about his life or job. Don’t hesitate to do what you feel is right. Ask for directions if you’re lost! Stand up for yourself if you’re mistreated by someone. Ask for a well-deserved salary hike. Be assertive. But don’t be arrogant or over-confident. That’s a major turn-off!




3. Be Polite:

How you treat other people, especially strangers, says a lot about you. Therefore, be polite. Treat the waiter nicely. Help the elderly in crossing the road. Open the car door for your partner. Make yourself useful. Politeness helps, in both actions and words. Women find that hot!



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4. Be Honest:

Seriously, don’t play games. It is annoying. Keep your feelings and actions transparent in front of the woman you like. Don’t say something just to flatter her or to provide her temporary happiness. Earn her trust genuinely. Keep it real!




5. Smell Great:

Women are instantly attracted to men who wear great cologne. The scent of a man is really important to the opposite sex. Don’t apply too much. And, never forget to wear it!



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It is difficult not to be a narcissist in this time & age. So you have to genuinely make an effort to better yourself. Learn to be civil. Make yourself useful, wherever you can. Don’t forget to smile. Remember: Good simple qualities attract women. Bling doesn’t!