Things men do that turn women on

It isn’t always about kissing your woman on the back of her ear. You can turn your woman on from a distance too if you know the right tricks; turning on a woman is no rocket science. Wondering if barraging a woman with lame pickup lines will come in handy? Well, no, my friend! Here we present you some of the time-tested methods that will surely get a woman into your pants.

Things men do that turn women on

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1. She smiles, she’s snared! :

A good sense of humor will turn on any woman on the face of the planet earth because laughter is really the best medicine. No wonder Kanan Gill has such a huge female fan following!

She smiles, she’s snared!

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2. Conversational skills: Master the art! :

As they say, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”. A man who knows how not to make a woman feel out of place is likely to turn on a woman. So, start working on your conversational skills right away as there’s no meeting halfway in this domain!

Conversational skills Master the art!


3. An ill-dressed man is the biggest turn off. PERIOD. :

A man who dresses to kill can make any woman go weak in her knees. So, it’s time to get all your grooming products in place and fill your wardrobe with fashion and style. Let’s give you a secret mantra to pull off any look: BE CONFIDENT!

An ill-dressed man is the biggest turn off. PERIOD.

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4. Wash out your ego and pride. Be humble! :

Are you a jack of all trades? Irrespective of the answer, try and be humble at all times. Don’t be a sexist because gone are the days when women flaunted their MCP partners.

Wash out your ego and pride. Be humble!

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So, it’s not always about showering your woman with expensive gifts and pampering her by paying bills. As we always say, nothing impresses females more than a confident man. Time to put on your confidence and get women into your pants!