The Top 3 Self-Driving Options In Cars That You Should Go For

The latest men’s fashion trends are the self-driving cars that not only command praise from others but also become topic of discussion in the neighborhood. We present the three best self-driving options in cars that are currently available on roads.

1. Mercedes-Benz’s Drive Pilot:

The Drive Pilot option that is available from Mercedes will allow you to do ‘hands-off’ driving for a brief period, to give you the feel of ‘self-driving’. The self-driving features that come along the Drive Pilot mode include automatic lane-changing, lane-keeping assist, automatic steering, emergency braking and even adaptive cruise control. You can safely try the mode not only on the straight e-ways but also on the curves.



2. Tesla’s Autopilot:

The best part about this car is that it does not use the detailed maps created by laser-radar GPS instead the car is fitted with sensors, radars, and cameras that create a real-time 360-degree image and hence it is claimed to even function in odd climatic conditions. This car has unmatched cruise control, hence works extremely well on expressways and freeways with consistent speed. This wonder car will change lanes, park itself and can easily move out of your garage that can be viewed as an advanced version of cruise control giving you more occasions for a hands-free drive. The other important thing to note is the need for recharging, as you cannot completely drain the battery.



3. Cadillac’s Super Cruise:

This is one of the best self-driving options that are currently available. Although this talented car surpasses most other cars in the category but to make it operational, you will have to ensure that the adaptive cruise control is completely active and you must set the forward collision system to alert. This intelligent car detects the state of your attention using the camera mounted on the steering system, so if your eyes are focused on your mobile instead the system will halt. You will also have to turn off the ‘Teen Driver mode’ to make the best use of this robotic chauffeur.



So, if you are considering to tune-up to men new style think of trying your hands on the self-driving options that are currently available.