The best travel itinerary to enjoy colorful india

If you have not witnessed the most authentic colors of India, then it is time to do so. You can start planning to witness one of the best times of Indian festivities in the purest forms. You will have to leave behind the latest men fashion trends and the latest hairstyles for men in India, as you will have to get ready to immerse yourself in the rugged, unkempt and carefree spirit of Holi, the Festival of Colors in India. You must plan your itinerary from the ‘Braj Region’ where this festival is celebrated since thousands of years in its unblemished form.


1. As Braj region covers the area of Mathura, Vrindavan and some nearby areas it attracts national and International tourists and pilgrims owing to its unique place in Hindu religion as the birth-place and the sacred homeland of Lord Krishna.




2. Vrindavan, Nandgaon, and Barsana are the essential places to include in your travel schedule as Lord Krishna is believed to have grown up at these places. The Barsana ‘Lathmar Holi’ starts a week before the actual date of Holi. So, begin your journey from here the small village of Barsana, place near Mathura. In the famous ‘Lathmar Holi’ women benevolently hit men with sticks to save themselves from the fast colors put on them.


Hindus Celebrate Holi In India


3.Next stop should be Nandgaon, the Lord Krishna’s childhood village as the celebrations shift to this place following the tradition wherein friends and folks come to his home ground to play fun-filled colorful Holi with Lord himself.


4. For next two-three days, you should stay in Vrindavan to seek blessings by visiting the famous Banke Bihari Temple during Holi festivities. During this festival, the idol of Lord Krishna is dressed up in whites and smeared with disparate colors essentially made from natural ingredients of turmeric, flowers, and kesar.


Widows take part in Holi celebrations in the town of Vrindavan in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh


5. The area becomes rejuvenated with the temple bells and the prayers sung by the commoners and the priests, who also intermingle with everyone to sprinkle colors and distribute sweets on the lovely occasion.




6. After visiting temples, and the famous Gulal-Kund, near Govardhan Hill in Vrindavan, you should finally head towards Mathura. Make it a point to stop-over Huranga at Dauji Temple, 28 km from Mathura where women tear-up the clothes of men and play colorful Holi, to mark the festive occasion in the temple’s courtyard. You should book in advance to get the best available hotel accommodations in Vrindavan to make your itinerary hassle-free.


People take part in Holi celebrations in the town of Vrindavan in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh