Saluting The Women Who Are Breaking Stereotypes

The Rio Olympics 2016 just got concluded and it is not a hidden fact that India’s performance has rather been quite dismal. Thanks to our women athletes for saving the country’s grace in the Olympics. Once again they proved that there is nothing that a man can do but they can’t. It is therefore absolutely necessary, that we men salute the spirit of these women who break all the stereotypes and excel in fields that are typically considered a man’s domain.



1. Women in Sports:

When going gets tough, tough gets the going. This was proven right by the daughters of India in Rio Olympics 2016. Particularly by three women athletes- Sakshi Malik, P.V. Sindhu, and Dipa Karmakar. While Sakshi won a bronze medal in wrestling which is typically considered a man’s game, Sindhu won silver medal in badminton. Even though Dipa Karmakar couldn’t win a medal, she too created history by coming fourth in the gymnastics finals and performing the life threatening ‘vault of death’.



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2. Women in Business:

The corporate world is usually dominated by men, but these days women are emerging as some of the biggest leaders in the world of business. We have women like Indira Nooyi and Kiran Majumdar Shaw heading big corporate around the world. Even in sectors like banking and finance, that is considered more as an area of male expertise, women like Chanda Kochar are at the forefront as CEO of a big bank like ICICI.



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3. Women in Armed Forces:

Women have been present in armed forces in non combat roles since quite some time, but recently a new history was created by them in this area. Flying Officers Avani Chaturvedi, Bhawana Kanth and Mohana Singh were commissioned as fighter pilots in the air force. This is a big leap forward for gender equality in the country as it shows their mettle to the patriarchal society of the country.



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History is proof, that time and again, women have proved that they are the pride of the country, be it Rani Lakshmi Bai aur Indira Gandhi. There is no field left where women haven’t left their mark. From politics to Bollywood, they are proving their detractors wrong. We men must solute their spirit to shine despite all adversities.