Reasons Why You Should Avoid Drinking Water From Plastic Bottle In India?

While it is always suggested to stay updated according to the latest men fashion trends and stay in best of the health by adhering to suggested diet chart for men, it is also important to take precautions to prevent the intake of potentially harmful chemicals into the body.

1. The most common way through which the harmful chemicals get into our body is through the water bottle, in which we store and drink water. The overuse of plastic utensils can cause a chemical breakdown within the exposed layers of plastic surface.



2. The plastic surface is immediately affected by the hot radiations it receives from the surrounding environment like in a hot car, microwave or even during the repeated UV radiations received from the sun. You should note that the plastics that are marked with recycle codes 3 or 7 can possibly release a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA) and the plastics that fall into the category of BPA -free plastics can release the chemical bisphenol S (BPS).



3. According to scientists, even small amounts of BPA and BPS chemicals can affect the endocrine system and are often related to the chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and asthma., Impairment of the brain and immune system are directly linked to the amount of the intake of these chemicals into our body.



4. The high level of BPA content in the blood, urine is also associated with impotence in men and women while in men it affects the production of quality of sperms, in women, it is proven to affect the development of the child at the different stages of pregnancy as BPA imitates estrogen.



5. According to various published scientific studies, BPA is linked not only to high blood pressure but also to various heart diseases. People who frequently drank from plastics and cans containing BPA have been correlated with increased risk of heart diseases and hypertension.



6. Plastics are believed to be the store houses for potentially harmful bacteria. Unlike steel or glass water bottles, a reusable plastic bottle harbors bacterial growth in the minutest scratch and cracks when it is washed or brushed. The bottles are believed to be the seeding ground for norovirus-, cold-, and flu-causing bacteria.

7. It is no secret that the plastics are harmful not just for humans but are highly toxic for the environment, as they not only affect the soil fertility but also release harmful chemicals into the nearby vegetation for animal and human consumption.