Reasons Why Arranged Marriage Is Not A Bad Idea

We can’t say about other countries but the concept of arranged marriages is quite popular in India. First, the parents meet to see if their family are compatible with each other financially and socially. Then, their children meet with each other. If they like each other, both sets of parents go ahead and finalize the wedding details.




And the groom and his bride live happily ever after, or that’s what’s believed so!

While you and your friends might detest the idea of “marrying a stranger”, this arrangement is not as bad as it looks. Here’s why:


1. The Couple Is Highly Compatible:

Lifestyles, ways of upbringing, socio-economic backgrounds, etc. are thoroughly checked by the parents. This may sound like a business investigation, but it pays off in the future. Chances of any potential disparities are removed altogether which makes the partners highly compatible with each other.



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2. Stronger Bond With The Family:

Well, in India, you not only marry your partner but also her family. That’s how Indian marriages roll. Arranged marriages “break the ice” between the families in the first step itself. There is openness and the couple receives more love and support from each other’s family. In fact, the groom’s parents make extra efforts to welcome the new bride into their home.




3. Mutual Respect & Care:

The couple begins their lives together from scratch. Since there are no set rules of a relationship, both partners have a chance to behave in a responsible and a genuine way in the matrimonial arrangement. Also, they have their parents’ prestige at stake; so they have to be mutually respectful and caring towards one another.



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4. Better Understanding & Commitment:

As mentioned before, lack of a girlfriend-boyfriend scenario makes it easier for the couple to begin things anew. They have higher adjusting abilities which allow them to fill the loopholes in their marriage. Similarly, commitment levels are high as families are involved. There’s no looking for a “way out” here for the bride and groom.




Unlike love marriages, an arranged marriage is based on mutual trust and understanding of not only the partners but also their families. Here, it is the commitment that brings the two people together. Perhaps, arranged marriages are still preferred to a large number of Indian families because of the high level of security in the relationship.