Pick Up Lines That You Must Never Use

Wherever there are men and women involved there will be some guy trying to impress a girl with a pick-up line and depending upon personal preference, there are very few that actually work. There are some however that you absolutely must not use. Whether you are acing the latest trends in menswear and you know how to groom yourself very well, if you use these pick up lines, it will be very difficult to impress a lady:




1. “Is your father a terrorist? Because you’re a bomb”:

Everyone has heard this one and even the ones that haven’t will be unimpressed with the randomness of it. Please don’t call anyone’s father a terrorist and please don’t call any girl a bomb. It won’t work for you.



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2. “Did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?”:

Such a cheesy line can’t possibly impress anyone. You’re calling a girl an angel indirectly and that’s a bit of a reach for someone you’ve just met. She’ll just roll her eyes at you and walk away.



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3. “Can I have directions? To your heart”:

Yuck. Again, this is probably someone you’ve just met and it’s highly unlikely that you actually want directions to their heart. So much cheese is not going to do anyone any good.



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4. “I Seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?”:

Um. No? This line doesn’t even make sense and it really isn’t that easy to get a girl’s phone number. Once you’ve asked her a question like this and she’s turned you down then there is little chance that she’ll come around.



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There are a lot of other corny, cheesy, or inappropriate pick up lines that you shouldn’t use but these four should be deleted from your memory. It will be a rare day when a girl gets impressed by a line like this. Stick to dressing well in classic fashion and being sweet and that should work for you.