Natural Phenomenon in India that you must see

Tourism in one of the most profit making sectors of India because the country attracts millions of foreign tourists every year. One of the vital reasons behind this immense attraction of India is its mesmerizing natural beauty. Here are some specimens:



1. Living root bridge, Meghalaya:

Meghalaya, this northern eastern state of India is famous all over the world for its living root bridges which is made from the living aerial roots of rubber tree. However, the courtesy for this living bridge has to be given to the indigenous Khasi people and the War Jaintia people who have handspun the living roots of the tree to form an enigmatic natural bridge. The bridge occurs in regions around East and West Khasi hill districts. Thus, if you love touring then this living tree bridge of Meghalaya should be included in your must see list for sure.



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2. Lonar cater lake, Maharastra:

Another place known for its exuberant natural phenomenon is the Lonar cater lake in Maharastra. History reveals that this lake has been created by saline soda depositions as a result of meteor impact during the Pleistocene Epoch that occurred around 25800 to 11700 years ago. A noteworthy aspect of this lake is that it features both saline and alkaline water. This must see location of India will also give your eyes a great treat by means of some of the specimens of Indian architecture in the form of historic temples at the Lonar town.



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3. Floating Phumdis of Loktak Lake, Manipur:

If you wish to give your eyes a treat by seeing floating islands on freshwater lake then you have to come to Manipur in India. Various natural processes have resulted in the deposition of soil, collection of natural vegetation and other organic matters that appear as multitude of circular floating islands of different sizes above this lake. Hence, never forget to include this place when you plan your next itinerary.



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We compile below some of the tourist attractions of India that are known for their capturing natural phenomena. Therefore, best of luck for a great touring experience.