Must Have Bikes

Boys and their toys, and their favorite toys have to be attached to two wheels.  Bikes and men have a long standing relationship. A man, who loves his bikes, will always be looking out for the next big thing. They are the epitome of masculinity, cool, hip and definitely a head turner.  They are fast, give you great mileage and help you avoid the jams.  What more could a guy ask for? We give you a low down on the bikes every guy must have or at least wishes he could have.




Honda CBR1000 Fire blade:

The Fire blade is the bad boy from the stables of Honda, their flagship sports bike. The bike features a more aggressive riding position, but still has the same old fashioned Fireblade feel. With the stylish Brembo brakes, Ohlins suspension, a well etched out engine and a sensational paint job, the Fire blade SP model is bike to die for.  The SP is powered by a liquid cooled 999cc four cylinder engine that can produce an increased output of 178bhp.  It is integrated with a six speed sequential gearbox which is attached to a mono –backbone undercarriage. Furthermore, it has an 18 liter tank along with a four litre reserve giving it the ability to hit almost 280km. This beauty is loyal to only one, no room for pillions. So take it for a spin, and enjoy its speed all by yourself.




Aprilia RSV4 Factory APRC ABS:

This stunning Italian stallion is equipped with the state-of-the-art-of-technology and is one of the most wanted and popular sports bikes in the world. This Italian beauty is propelled by a 999.6cc engine, four, liquid cooled engines along with a double overhead shaft and four valves per cylinder. The motor cranks up a maximum output of 184bph of power and an 117Nm of torque and is fused with a six speed cassette type gearbox. There are three riding speeds that will the rider is his desired speed. It has a definitive electronic management system for its exhaust, making it a remarkably quick bike.  The engine is paired with the aPRC (Aprilia Performance Ride Control package), which is the most comprehensive package in the market. With its superior traction control system along with the wheelie, the launch control and the quick shift system, making it a must have Superbike.




BMW S1000 RR

The name BMW screams elegance, raw power and style; and the S1000 RR is no different as it comes with high tech features. Radial brakes, ABS traction control, for better endurance and speed. The high tech aluminum framework is the perfect mix between light weight and rigidity, giving the rider better control of the bike. The BMW is powered by a 999cc; liquid cooled, four stroke cylinder engine is underpinned with four titanium valves per cylinder and two overhead camshafts. The engine cranks up a maximum output of 193bhp of power with 112Nm of torque.




Royal Enfield continental GT:

The name Enfield exudes confidence and masculinity. And the continental GT is no different.  The profile of continental GT resembles a typical café racer and the new graduate from the stables of the Royal Enfield is inspired by the 1965 Continental GT model. This model has been given the double downtube skeleton instead of the traditional single downtube skeleton. This 535cc model has an air cooled 4 stroke engine that pumps out a potent 5100bhp of power and 44Nm of torque. The engine is paired with a five speed constant mesh gearbox, while the Keihin fuel injection system takes care of the fuelling. This single seater is the fastest and lightest cruiser from the Enfield stables.




Harley Davidson Fat boy:

The reputation of a Harley Davidson precedes it, but, the Fat boy is no different, this offering from the stables of Harley is a classic, big, cruiser, macho, detailed, robust and very unlike any of the other Harley’s.  Called “The Gray Ghost” originally, it is said to be inspired by one of the largest combat airplanes named the WWII B-29 Bomber. It has a four stroke, 1690cc, air cooled engines that produces a power of 75bhp and 134Nm of torque. The engine is paired with six speed gearbox that, packs a generous punch. It has a wide FLH –Style handlebar, a hand weaved leather tank panel, ergonomic and textured seat insert, custom metal fenders and a shotgun style dual style system along with a large fuel tank. This one stays true to the legacy of the American Choppers of the 60’s and 70’s.

So, whether you chose the ultimate sports bike or the smooth cruisers neither will disappoint. So, leave the girlfriends, wives and sisters at home, these beauties are made only for one.