Most Fearless Men In Recorded History

Away from the latest fashion trends men and men’s latest fashion, we will take you through the journey of the most fearless men in history who never gave up and persisted to their core belief and resisted all challenges to their chosen ideologies.

5. Socrates:

Socrates was one of the most fearless philosophers in recorded history. In ancient Athens, he not only fearlessly voiced against the Orthodox Church but also spread his word against the rich and the authoritative adversaries. Socrates was sentenced to death when he refused to ask for forgiveness.



4. Galileo:

The Italian scientist, who otherwise was a staunch Catholic fearlessly, suggested the scientific discovery that clashed with the church. His views caused an immediate backlash resulting in his imprisonment, he courageously provided evidence for his beliefs that ‘the earth moves around the sun’ as a result he spent his last few years in misery and pain.



3. Dietrich Bonhoeffer:

One of the few courageous and fearless German men in history who publicly voiced concern over the Nazi regime for the persecution of Jews and the minority groups. Dietrich fled the country to seek asylum in the United States of America, but eventually returned, got arrested and was executed by Nazis for his persistence to his ideas and beliefs.



2. Thich Quang Duc:

The fearless Buddhist monk, who fearlessly got self-immolated in flames as he denounced the persecution of Buddhists by the South Vietnamese government. The images were shown across on US television, prompting the termination of the war and the change of regime in Vietnam.



1. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi:

In his own words, Gandhi says “Fearlessness is a sine qua non for the growth of the other noble qualities. How can one seek truth or cherish Love without fearlessness? The Path of the Lord is the path of the brave, not of cowards. God means Truth, and the brave are those who are armed with fearlessness, not with the sword, the rifle or other carnal weapons, which are affected only by cowards.”