Is A Man’s Smell Really A Turn On For Women?

As a man, you might aim to grab the attention of the hottest of girls around you. Thus, you might be eager to know about the greatest turns on of the fairer sex so that you can make the right preparations to make yourself immensely attractive in the eyes of women. You will be surprised to know that it is your smell that makes a woman go head over heels for you. Hence, whether it is the smell of your own body, or some of the perfumes that you choose carefully, every sort of manly smell makes women go crazy.




Here is some more information on reasons why a man’s smell makes a woman go crazy. Watch out!


1. Your Pheromones Are Killing:

You will find it surprising to know that the pheromones that you have inside your body are the major agents that make a woman die for you! If you are confused and eager to know what pheromones, let us tell you that they are odorless and transparent chemical compounds present in a male body. These pheromones are considered as major catalyst in the mating game for making a woman fall for you.



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2. The Cortisol Drives Women Crazy:

Besides pheromones, there are even more compounds inherent within a male that attracts women. Cortisol, which are the major stress hormones in men, are among such magical compounds. Women in their fertile ages as well as women passing through the phase of ovulation can simply get sold at the smell of cortisol in you!



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3. Testosterone Create Magic:

The smell that oozes out of the testosterone after heavy sweating might make him feel uncomfortable most of the times. But science reveals a surprising fact. This characteristic male smell generated from the testosterone is the major source of attraction of women who are in their days of ovulation. Since this distinctive smell attracts ovulating women towards males, it is often considered as an initiator of the game of love.



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4. Male Perfumes Women Admire:

Flowery aroma is associated with women. Nevertheless, when it comes to selection of fragrances for their man women have distinctively different choice. Thus, some of the specific aromas that drive them wild are musky scents, refreshing oceanic aroma, woody fragrance and nutty smell. Therefore, if you chose your fragrance having any of these mentioned aromas and spread liberally all over your body before going on a romantic your dating eve, then you can be assured that you will rule your woman’s heart.



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As you know by now, you are naturally bestowed with attributes that make women crazy. So, make best use of this characteristic male smell of yours to make yourself more attractive for the fairer sex. Also, one of the best ways to smell good and catch women’s attraction is by using Emami’s He deos. He Respect is one such deodorant from He deos range which not just makes you smell good but also tells that you respect women.