Important Lessons From Facebook Data Leaks?

Next time you press ‘like’ on a men new style or ‘post’ your picture showcasing the new trend in fashion for men just be aware that it is not just your intended friends or group is watching you but also intended products or services. Data privacy has become a big data issue today especially after the Facebook data leek. Most of technology savvy personnel are living a digital life right from social media accounts, online banking transactions, utility records to cloud storage. Facebook data scandal has once again ignited the debate on the data privacy. Technology giants from Google to Facebook are now taking proactive measures to protect and strengthen user’s personal data.the whole bunch of commercial companies that might be using your shared information to promote their own.

1. According to reports, in the most recent Facebook controversy, the social media juggernaut has lost nearly $50 billion market cap. The scandal affects nearly 50 million Facebook users worldwide, as their personal information was used by political firm Cambridge Analytica during the regional elections. Not only Mark Zuckerberg has publicly acknowledged and apologized for the leak but also promised the users that such a controversy will never be repeated again.

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2. Security of personal data – It has been proven time and again that you should frequently change your personal records, online passwords, and ids. As much as possible do not share your personal information on social media platforms, use them just for discussions and suggestions. Refrain from sharing your personal preferences, confidential information and sensitive data on the social media platforms.

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3. Avoid using the third-party apps that are integrated into cloud-based applications which usually captures your information using quizzes, puzzles, and forms. All third-party apps need to be viewed with scrutiny, regardless of the publisher.

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4. Ransomware is a risky proposition as it affects the functioning of the entire business operations as systems become inoperable. Cybersecurity measures are needed considering the fact a huge amount of private information is on the cloud.

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