How To Make Your Car Monsoon Ready?

After scorching summers, monsoon comes with great relief. This time of the year, heaven opens up and showers blessings on the entire universe. But these blessings can be a bane for car owners because rain water and cars’ internal parts don’t go well together. So, to save you from the nightmare of driving a faulty car in rains, here we present you four must-take precautions to make your car monsoon ready. Take a look:

How To Make Your Car Monsoon Ready

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1. Tyres :

Tyres with a good amount of tread are the key to safe driving in rains. Tyres find it difficult to gain traction on wet roads as the channels in the tyre are the only thing that permits it to displace water.

Experts’ Advice:

Get your tyres replaced before monsoon if current tyres don’t have the right amount of tread.


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2. Wash Wipers :

The oily fumes and dust on the road make wipers and windshield oily and dirty. As a result, wipers become hard. So, before driving your car in monsoon, do not forget to wash wipers and windshield.

Experts’ Advice:

Clean both windshield and wipers with soap solution.

Wash Wipers

3. Lights :

It’s fact time: Wet roads absorb light affecting the visibility to a great extent. Do ensure a perfectly working set of lights. Also, if inherently the lights are of low quality then get auxiliary lights aka yellow lights fitted. Replacing bulbs is an inexpensive and a DIY task.

Experts’ Advice:

Check both high beam and low beam headlamps, and keep it clear and defogged.


4. Mud Flaps:

Well, who likes to drive behind a car which splatters around mud? It is not just unhygienic, but dangerous too.

Experts’ Advice:

Fit mud flaps on all four wheels before starting your drive.

Mud Flaps

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Before venturing out on an adventure in artificially created swimming pools, ensure that all parts of the car are functioning properly. Nonetheless, if your car engine cuts off after driving through the pool, call for assistance instead of re-attempting to start. Happy Monsoons! Drive Responsibly, Drive Safe!