How To Know If It’s Time To Propose Her

A wedding proposal is supposed to be one of the most important decisions of one’s life, since more than half your life depends on it. Being prepared to take your relationship one step ahead is a tough decision and we will help you find out when is it the right time to propose to her.




1. When you are on the same page:

Marriage is that chapter in your life which sets the tone for the rest of your life. This chapter runs simultaneously in the life books of two people, and so it is important that both you and your partner are on the same page. You must be sure that your desires and ambitions in life do not cross each other’s path but run parallel. Also, you must be clear about what you both expect from each other and if you are capable of crossing the waters without hindrance. Do not take this step in a bid to salvage your relationship when you think it’s the only way to make things fine. Making this decision on uncertain grounds will only lead to more mess than their already is.



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2. When your pockets are laid out:

Before you decide to pop the question to your girlfriend, be sure that you have openly discussed your financial matters with each other so that there are no rifts on the economic front later on. Even though relationships are supposed to be all about love and emotions, do not delude yourself by thinking that finances don’t matter. Be practical and let your bank accounts be on the table before you take the leap.



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3. When commitment is not a phobia:

One of the key ingredients in a happy marriage is not love, but commitment. So let the bells ring only when you are absolutely ready to let go off your bachelorhood and step into that zone when you are hers and hers only. Let your friends and your to be better half be comfortable enough with each other so that you get the best of both worlds and do not miss out on fun with your friends. When you think you are ready to make space for her in your room and in your life, and then let her in.



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Marriage is a tough decision to make for all of us and we must be careful that we pick the signs right. Though these signs may help you decide whether you are ready to take that big step forward or not, ultimately its your heart that reigns supreme. So listen to the music of your love and let the wedding bells ring.