How to be that man whom women call interesting

What can a man do to be called interesting by women? This is a mysterious question that men have been trying to answer since the dawn of the universe but have miserably failed at. With the League of Interesting Men (LOIM) knocking at your door, you cannot afford to lose anymore.

LOIM will reward the most interesting man with an iPhone. So let’s gear up and find out some of the tried and tested ways to be more interesting.



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Be the nice guy:

Women love being pampered and there is no better way to be in their good books than being the nice, loving man who surprises them with flowers or random notes. Women find an affectionate, soft-hearted man quite interesting because he defies the regular macho image and is always there for them.



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Roam the world:

A well-travelled man never fails to pique a woman’s curiosity. The more you travel the more stories you will have to amuse your woman with. Women absolutely love to lend an ear to interesting tales from around the world, so go ahead, be a nomad and make them see the world through your eyes.




Grooming pays off:

There’s nothing that turns off a woman more than a guy who doesn’t care about grooming and there are many who belong to this clan. Imagine what a refreshing change it would be for a woman to be with a man who cares about his appearance and makes an effort to be well groomed. It’s time you pay heed to grooming advice and win her over.




Intelligence is a true winner:

Women go weak at their knees when they come across intelligent men who can really engage them in an intellectual conversation. Woo their intellect and they are sure to find you interesting!




It’s a fact that women don’t want guys to bore them and the only way to beat monotony is to be really interesting, someone whom they just can’t resist. So go ahead and be more intriguing! It will not only get you more attention from women but also help you win the LOIM.

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