How playing a sport can take you places?

In the modern epoch where majority of us are trapped in un-healthy diet plan for men, playing some sort of sport plays a substantial role in improving our lifestyle. Does playing a sport enhance fitness levels? Well, not just that, my friend! It also instills various soft skills which are likely to take you places. Time to put your thinking cap on!

How playing a sport can take you places


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1. Leadership Skills :

A sportsman is likely to learn many vital lessons from his/her competitive peers and role models which will help in inculcating leadership skills. As they say, ‘With great power comes great responsibility’. So, leadership is one such trait thatcan either make you or break you. Be a leader who serves not dictates!



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2. Teamwork :

To live in a cohesive society, mastering the art of discipline is non-negotiable. Playing sports inculcates a sense of discipline which helps one appreciate peers and live in peaceful co-existence.



3. Empathy :

Playing a sport helps you collaborate with people from different backgrounds, cultures and communities. Having conversations with different sets of people broadens your perspective and instills a sense of empathy. It has the ability to transcend language, culture and religion.



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4. Sportsmanship :

Playing a sport helps in building sportsmanship. It teaches you how to function at your best in a group. Also, you learn the most important lesson of life whilst playing sports; ‘Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but the game always goes on’!


It is not always about playing a sport in a formal setup or for the country. Playing in a casual setup will equally help you develop all the necessary soft skills. As they say, ‘It’s never too late to start’. So, how about taking up a sport over gym exercises for men from today itself?