How Can Apple’s Homepod Leave Marks On Your Mind?

If you stand tuned to the mens latest fashion, Apple’s Homepod might be the right move for you to take. As Apple has entered into a new category, it is as usual followed by excitement and hate in equal measure!



The arrival of the HomePod, Apple’s first smart speaker is little different from Apple’s predecessor as there was a seven-month gap between announcement and sale. While Steve Jobs always insisted on secrecy about new products, the current leadership choose to launchthe eagerly awaited product at a price tag of $350 price! The most difficult thing to digest are the features that do not work with most television.



The HomePod, when pitched against Amazon Echo and Google Home, is not getting good reviews mainly due to poor voice assistant and a lack of standard features like multi-room pairing. The situation is turning bad to ugly as the customers have white ring marks on some wooden surfaces that Apple has downplayed by conveying that it was ‘’not unusual’’ for a speaker to do that. According to experts Apple seems to have miscalculated the product features and usage, either it was not tested the enough or was not tested under the appropriate variety of circumstances, especially under a wood, probably a QA fault.



As far as the comparison is sound quality is concerned, everyone, at least most of the reviews declare the HomePod to be a winner — not just better than the Google Home Max, but better than every single speaker in its price range.



If you are considering to fulfill the need to buy smaller speakers, go for Homepod as the Google Home Max is easily about the size of two HomePods! But the point worth noting is that the Home Max has the inclusion of an auxiliary jack. So while Apple embraces the no-headphone-jack logic even with its this high-end speaker, Google’s speaker is better equipped for those who might want to play audio from a wider variety of external sources. This actually means that the Home Max is more proof to technology obsolescence than the HomePod. If your software support is over for the Home Max and HomePod, the Home Max will continue to at least partially function!



Deciding is an art of picking that you want – and those things you definitely don’t. Mens latest fashion trends is to choose a that gives you advanced features like highly-developed virtual assistants that fits best into your life.