HE Deodorants Celebrates International Men’s Day

Dear women, remember the time when your man didn’t wash the vessels, didn’t pick his wet towel from the bed or left his dirty shoes and smelly socks all over the place? Of course you do, because that is something every man has done at least once, and has lived to tell the tale of the bombings that followed. But this November 19th we ask you to cut your guy some slack.

If he decides to take a day off and spend it with his bros, allow it; if he decides that he wants to eat junk, allow it. If he decides that all he wants to do that day is, sit on the couch and play video games all day, allow it; because that day is dedicated specially for him.

Your man goes through what can only be defined as hell every day. Be it in the train or in traffic, in the office or at home, he takes all that everyone has to throw at him. So this November 19th, join HE deodorants to celebrate International Men’s Day.




Watch the video and see how HE Deodorants and all the women of the world will be celebrating International Men’s Day. You too could celebrate it with him. This 19th put one day aside and do something special for him. Show him how much he means to you. Wear the colour blue, something that almost every guy has, plan a special evening for him and let him do whatever he wants.



In the end it’s just one day, and one day is all you need to show him that you care.