Four Things That Can Ensure You Don’t Stay Single in 2017

Are you fatigued of being that ‘single friend’ of the squad who gives a piece of love advice to all his committed amigos? Had enough of fruitless relationships? If yes, then don’t you worry, my friend! This New Year, be your own ‘Love Guru’! But, how is what you ask? Read on to find out how.


Four Things That Can En

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1. Stop being too finicky. PERIOD:

There is no such thing as a ‘Perfect Partner’. The essence of love is being okay with each other’s imperfections. So, stop looking for someone ‘PERFECT’, instead focus on compatibility.


Stop being too finic


2. Be yourself!

Are you trying to be someone you are not and making a fool out of yourself in the process? It’s time to stop doing that right away. Don’t waste time on putting up pointless charades;be yourself to find the love of your life.


Be yourself!

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3. Believe in both yourself and your partner:

Did you know that trust and faith are the foundation of any relationship?To sustain a healthy relationship, follow the fundamental mantra: ‘Love Yourself’. Be happy with who you are, how you look and what you do. This will not only boost your confidence, but will help you in finding an equally amazing person who’ll be by your side for the rest of your life.


Believe in both your


4. Get your bum moving!

Finding a partner is no rocket science, but it’s not that easy either. It is a serious business which demands a lot of responsibility, forethought and uprightness. You need to get out of your comfort zone and get on your toes to find the right person.


Get your bum moving

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Being single is a great way of exploring yourself but love is one of the most profound emotions known to humans. All of us want to experience it, but most people seek its expression in a romantic relationship. So, follow the rules and satiate your aspiration of a successful romantic relationship. HAPPY DATING, my friend!