Facts about love you never knew before

Love is overly romanticised in today’s culture and movies; love isn’t just spending time canoodling with someone. Many scientific facts are involved in “falling in love”, some of which you may or may not know. Here are a few crazy facts about love that you never knew before.

1. We sense and are attracted to a person with a different immune system:

As bizarre as it may sound, this is a realistic fact. In an apparent study, women were made to smell unwashed t-shirts of men; they were attracted to t-shirts which were different from their own immune system.

Facts about love you never knew before

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2. Love needs to be blind :

This simply means that the person we love may not be perfect in the eyes of others, but we tend to ignore their flaws. This is necessary in order to get attached so as to have a long-lasting relation, which in the end is the means of populating the planet.

Love needs to be blind

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3. Without bonding, love will disappear :

Now, this may sound pretty normal, but the bonding between two people happens due to certain hormones that exist. If these hormones are taken away or removed, then the two people will have no attachment, and the love will disappear.

Without bonding, love will disappear

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4. We tend to fall for someone who looks like us :

Now, if this isn’t narcissistic, then what is? As odd as it may sound, studies conducted show that we tend to be attracted not just to someone with the same eye colour, facial features and hair colour, but also similar lung volume, ear lobe length and metabolic rates.

We tend to fall for someone who looks like us

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5. People who look/ smell like our parents :

This does sound a little freaky, but studies suggest that the traits of our parents are what we unknowingly look for in our partner. Our parents give us familiarity and a level of security so, needing that in the partner is necessary.

People who look smell like our parents

Falling in love is easy, but there are many things involved in it that we do not know. Nevertheless, no fact makes the feeling of being in love, less magical.