Best Weekender Bags for Men on the Go

Bags are no more a feminine accessory. The world has evolved, and so has men’s fashion world. So, whether you are a workaholic who books his weekends for business travel and boss time, or loves to chill with your friends over a weekend getaway, no more do you need to drag that ancient suitcase everywhere you go. Here are some best weekender bags for you. Take a look:

Best Weekender Bags for Men on the Go

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With these trendsetting travel gears, you will be able to leave an impression wherever you go!

1. The Adventurer’s Backpack :

This one’s a no-brainer. It’s accommodating, it’s handy, and it’s the most easily available type in the market. The markets are packed with a whole new variety of backpacks. There’s the authentic, rugged canvas cloth type; then you have the sexy and timeless leather to make a style statement. You can choose the bag size based on how light or heavy you pack.

The Adventurer’s Backpack


2. Duffel bags for the sporty kinds :

An excellent alternative to the cliché backpacks is the Duffel bag. It’s spacious and can easily be hung on the shoulder or carried in your hands. The gigantic cut of this bag makes it look like a masculine version of Tote bags. You can weigh your options between leather, canvas or waterproof bags.

Duffel bags for the sporty kinds

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3. Messenger bag for the ‘no nonsense’ type :

As mentioned in the best fashion blogs, this is a rather serious version of duffel bags. Less space, more pockets and an ideal combination of canvas and leather- the entire look of messenger bags is royal and classy. Carry it on one shoulder or sling it across your chest, it looks trendy anyway!

Messenger bag for the ‘no nonsense’ type


4. The Briefcase bag for workhorses :

This one is exclusively for men who prefer work over leisure, even during weekends. If you are on a business trip with your boss and aim to leave a mark, splurge on a fancy briefcase bag. It will accommodate your laptop, knick knacks and a pair of clothes.

The Briefcase bag for workhorses

Travelling is not an inexpensive hobby. But you can always be a smart spender and invest in the most spawning accessory- Weekender Bags!