Best Waterfalls In India That You Must Explore

If you want to explore best of what this world has to offer, you cannot miss India. India truly is incredible, with a large diversity of the population, exotic flora, mesmerizing fauna and unmatched natural beauty. You cannot miss the enchanting waterfalls in India that will make you forget not only the latest trend in fashion for men but also the recommended diet chart for men as you will relish with mouthwatering traditional cuisines and picturesque frames of nature. We will throw light on the best of the waterfalls in India.

1. Dudhsagar Waterfall:

You will simply have to go by the literal meaning of Dudhsagar “the milky sea” to experience one of the most amazing places in India. This waterfall simply stands apart from what Goa is famously known for. Away from the celebrations, parties, and get-togethers, this serene, place will calm you from top to bottom as you will watch the splash of milky white waters. 60 km from Panaji, the capital of Goa this waterfall is the 5th largest in India. Visit this place during monsoons, to experience the nature in its full bloom.



2. Jog Waterfall:

With the width of 290 meters and height of 259 meters this spectacular natural waterfall is located near Sagara in Karnataka. Famously called by locals as Gersoppa falls or Jogada Gundi, is supposedly the second biggest natural waterfall in Asia. The scale of the waterfall will surely leave your mouth open, as you feast with the most authentic South Indian cuisines available locally.

Jog waterfall Naturw


3. Chitrakot Waterfall:

The lesser known destination in Jagdalpur, Basta District in the state of Chhatisgarh. The width of the waterfall is what makes this natural phenomenon stunning, that you can only witness during the monsoons. If you love tracking, then this place is actually the best place for you to explore, as you can experience the best what nature has to offer.



4. Dhuandhar Waterfall:

The best waterfall for dry season in India, this waterfall famous for the naturally carved out limestone rocks. The natural beauty of the place will leave you breathless, as you will witness how the milky water gushes out of the deep crevasses you are bound to pay your reverence to the powerful force of nature.

Dhuandhar waterfalls


5. Nohkalikai Falls:

The last but the most popular and the largest waterfall in India, the Nohkalikai Falls is also one of the most scenic waterfalls in India as the water dives from the height of 335 meters. Located in Cherrapunji, the place that receives the highest rainfall in India this waterfall is included in the list of one of the adventurous places to travel in India.

Nohkalikai waterfalls