Best Known Indian Doctors Who Treat Patients For Free

Going beyond the latest fashion for men and new fashion trends for men that comes for a price, we let you know about the best known Indian doctors who treat patients for free.

1. Dr. Bhakti Yadav:

Dr. Bhakti Yadav is a gynaecologist based in Indore, India, who has been taking care of the ailing patients absolutely free since 1948. Dr. Yadav is also recognized as the first female MBBS doctor from the city. Her commitment and dedication to her profession goes beyond the recognition from Indian media and government. She vows to provide her services to the needy till her last breath.

Dr. Bhakti


2. Dr. B. Ramana Rao:

Although he has treated famous Indian bureaucrats and Bollywood celebrities but his heart lies in taking care of those who cannot afford to go to big hospitals for costly treatments. His Sunday Clinic in T Begur, Bangalore, India is a free clinic for all where he has treated over 2 million patients for free since 1970s. He not only consult the patients, but he also distributes medicines, conducts necessary diagnostic tests and ensures complete the well-being of the needy patients who patiently stand in a queue for hours for their turn.

Dr. Ramama Rao


3. Dr. Ramamurthy:

Dr. Ramamurthy is also one of the most generous doctors in India who has been treating patients free-of-cost since the 1950s. In his clinic that lies in the town of Mayiladuthurai, Tamil Nadu, India he not only consults but also provide best possible medicines to the ailing patients. Dr. Ramamurthy had obtained his degree in medicine from the legendary Madras Medical College, India in 1958.

Dr. Ramamurthi


4. Dr. Yogi Aeron:

Dr. Yogi was born in Muzaffarpur, Uttar Pradesh, India in 1937, acquired his degree from King George Medical College, Lucknow India with specialization in plastic surgery. He is known to treat at least 500 patients in a year for free and if required also conducts surgeries. His clinic is situated near Mussoorie, India where he treats ailing people with serious burns, nearly 10,000 patients on his waiting list, that mostly hail from the state of Uttrakhand, India.

Dr. Yogi Aeron


5. Dr. K Mahadevan:

Dr. Mahadevan has been treating patients with HIV at his clinic, that was opened in 1994 at Cross Cut Road, Coimbatore, India. His free clinic is now not only open to HIV positive people but also for everyone human body that suffers from any ailments. In his words, he sums up “If my patient’s life is extended even by one day, I am happy for that”

Dr. Mahadevan