Amazing Winter Vacation Packing Tips for Men

For most Indians, especially men, winter is nothing but a time when they layer their bodies with clothes because ultimately all they want is to be warm in the cold weather. Fashion is secondary. And this is more so when packing clothes for a winter vacation. All of us want to look attractive, but most men are unaware of the dos and don’ts of packing.

So don’t worry, we’ll share some amazing packing tips for all those who want to be well-dressed during their winter vacations.






  • The most important thing to keep in mind is your location because it impacts your dressing sense in a major way. We’ll share the basics with you and you can add or subtract clothes according to your needs.
  • First come the Base Layers, also called the inner-wears. Items made from spandex are extremely good at preserving body heat in cold conditions. And no, they don’t make you sweat.
  • Make sure you have inner wears for both your torso and your legs




  • Then come your long sleeved shirts. If you’re going to an extremely cold place then what colour or print you wear is not as important as long as it keeps you warm, because it will be hidden beneath layers of warm clothes.




  • Next come the sweaters; you can be stylish and still be warm during this winter! Wool is everybody’s first choice because it keeps you warm the most. Synthetic blends, however, are also water resistant, antimicrobial and very comfortable to wear. Opt for a V-neck sweater and beneath it, wear a collared shirt.




  • Jackets/Overcoats – Jackets are best suited for more casual occasions, while you can opt for overcoats for the more formal occasions. Be sure you do not buy an overcoat that’s very heavy– it’ll easily wear you down.
  • Your legs are important too. Start with inner wear made of performance fiber, and top it with trousers of wool. Avoid wearing extra layers; just because 4 layers are okay on your upper body does not mean they will look good on your legs as well. Not to mention the fact that several layers will restrict your walking.
  • You can also pack woolen flannel trousers. They make you look sharp and keep you warm throughout.




  • Overcoats protect your legs so instead of adding another layer on your legs, pack an overcoat and ditch the jacket!




  • Do not forget to pack other important things like gloves, woolen caps, socks, and proper footwear. If you’re someone who is not afraid to experiment, we highly suggest you buy a coloured scarf because it will add a dash of colour to your otherwise subtle/dark coloured clothes.