6 Most Beautiful Places In Greece To Visit This Summer

You have decided for a Greek holiday this summer, but do you know the most beautiful places to visit in Greece. There are a lot of beautiful islands in Greece that are amazingly beautiful, enchanting and a perfect hot-spot for your summer holidays. We recommend you to hop from one island to the other during your holidays to enjoy on your voyage to the maximum, so drape yourself according to the latest fashion for men or the new trend in fashion for men as we tell you about the best places to visit during your Greek visit.

1. Athens (Attica):

You can ideally start from the capital of Greece as it is not only a popular tourist destination center but also is a hub to travel to rest of the other beautiful islands in the country.



2. Halkidiki (Macedonia):

Travel to Macedonia, as it will leave you spellbound with its exotic beach resorts and the enchanting natural beauty. Not only this is one of the favorite islands for the locals but also for the foreigners. If you get the permission, do not forget to go around its all the three peninsulas right Kassandra, Sithonia, and the Mount Athos.



3. Thassos island (Eastern Aegean):

This island is famously known as the Emerald of the Aegean as it is located on the north side of Aegean and is also relatively near to the mainland. You and your loved one will love the vegetation, serene beaches, and pristine waters. A popular destination for lovers and families this island is also a hiking destination that is known to have Secretive caves and amazing bays.

2463-thassos island


4. Karpathos island (Dodecanese):

One of the best places for hiking in Greece, this island has unmatched natural beauty. You must remember to visit the village of Olympos, as you will accomplish and taste the traditional food and adventure along the way. This southernmost island of Dodecanese still has lots of traditions intact, away from the cosmopolitan cities.

2463-Karpathos island


5. Delphi (Sterea):

Not-to-be-missed destination in Greece, is undoubtedly one of the most important sites in archeology. It is famously known as ‘the Navel of the Earth’, do remember to visit the important sites including the Archaeological Museum, the temple of Apollo and the ancient theatre and stadium.



6. Olympia (Peloponnese):

The birthplace of the Olympic Games, Olympia is the place where the first Olympic Games were held in 776 BC. Do not miss to visit the Archaeological Museum of Olympia, the temple of Zeus, and the workshop of Pheidias.