6 Best Ways To Romance If You Are Married

Taking a pause from the latest fashion for men and men new style, we present you the 5 innovative ways to romance your wife.


1. Date Again :

Find innovative, creative ways to date your wife again. Even if you are married you should take your wife for a date at least once a month. Make your every date a special one by infusing some crazy moments together except fighting! It will not be just about gifts but also about spending a good time together.




2. Let she remain special :

Do not take any relationship for granted, give as much love as you can to nurture the eternal relationship. Give a call when she least expects, or just place a simple card slipped in her purse, a midweek lunch date, or flowers delivered to her office. Your flame of romance should keep burning, do not hesitate to still open the car door, or serve her hot tea, or just a foot rub, or candles with dinner.




3. Return to childhood :

Together visit the places, your wife has spent her childhood. She will love the idea of spending the time in her school, playground, neighbors and even childhood friends. Consider her to be your best buddy and do some rocking fun activities together at home or at the beach, your playfulness should be reflected at the place where you spend your moments together.




4. Explore things you have not :

Scale Mount Everest, dive in the deep oceans or do paragliding do the things that you always wanted to do. Let your life partner also become a most trusted partner in the difficult situations, these outdoor activities will ultimately enrich your understanding with each other.



5. Don’t Expect :

Without keeping any expectations, keep spreading the love with all your family members. More than gifting believe in giving “time” in relationships, celebrate together the birthdays and festivals rather than just texting greetings on whats app or Facebook. Do not post every picture on social media, keep your private life offline.




6. Be a Gentleman :

Never give away the essential things that define you, your manliness. As a true gentleman, you should stay groomed, fashionable, well-mannered, loyal, kind, humble, and refreshing throughout your relationship. If you have been rude all these years, learn now how to stand up for her when she leaves the table, how to gently open the car door, the way to walk on the street side of the walkway, how to lovingly help her on with her jacket and even how to appear foolish to run to the car for her umbrella.